How to Send Review Invites to Multiple Contacts

How to Send Review Invites to Multiple Contacts

Set up strategic campaigns to send review requests to groups of contacts.

Step #1 – Click the Campaigns Tab

Start by logging into your BirdEye account. From the main dashboard, click on the Campaigns tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step #2 – Create a New Campaign

From the Campaigns section, click on the blue “New campaign” button. Choose “Review request” and then “Manual Campaign”. Next, name your campaign and click “Create campaign”.

Step #3 – Choose Your Audience

Click “Choose audience” to open your contacts list. From here you’ll select which customers you’d like to send your review invites to. You can choose all contacts or a smaller group of individuals you’ve selected.

You may also select a specific group if you’ve recently uploaded contacts in bulk. Just select “contact tag” and the group you want in the right sidebar.

Once you’ve chosen your contacts, click “select contacts” and save.

Step #4 – Select Templates

A drop-down menu will appear next. You can choose email only, SMS only, or both. From here you can choose whichever customized review invite template you want to have sent out to your contacts. Click “Save”.

Step #5 – Choose Timeframe for Campaign

BirdEye gives you the option to send out all of your review invites to all contacts instantly, but you can also make what’s known as a “drip campaign.” This is ideal for campaigns with over 100 contacts.

If too many reviews start pouring in at once, they may be marked as spam and removed. Stretching out your review invites means that your customer’s reviews will be more spaced out, and will appear to be more “natural.”

Another new drop-down should have appeared under the previous one. From here you can choose whether you want all invites to go out Instantly, or over a period of time.

Step #6 – Choose Reminder Settings

BirdEye allows you to send email reminders to contacts that have not clicked on your review invite. If you’d like reminders to be sent, turn this setting on. From here you can edit the subject line, the number of reminders, and the interval between reminders.

Step #7 – Name Campaign & Send Invites

Once you’ve selected all of your options, click the “Launch campaign” button to activate the campaign. This will send out your review invites to the customers you selected either instantly, or over time depending on what you chose to do.

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