How To Send Review Invite (for Office Staff)

How To Send Review Invite (for Office Staff)

Employees can send review requests to customers with ease.

Step #1 – Login to Birdeye from Your Computer

In order for an employee to send a review invitation to a customer, they need to be logged into your ServicersWeb Reputation Management Account. If you need help setting up a login for an employee, learn how to create their account here.

Step #2 – Click ‘Send Review Invite’ Button

Sending a request to your customers for their feedback is only a few clicks away! Start by locating the big green “Send Review Invite” button in the top-right corner of the BirdEye app. This should bring up a box where you can add your customer’s basic personal information (see the image below).

Step #3 – Add Customer Information

You should now be seeing a box on your screen where you can enter your customer’s basic contact information. Add their full name, email address, and phone number in the correct format. Example: (999) 555-1234 Once you’ve entered all of the required information, click the green “Send Invite” button to send an email and/or text message to the customer with your review request. And that’s all! Now it’s up to your customer to let you know how their service experience went.[ As an added convenience, the Employee who sent the review invite will be tracked alongside their customer Contact record in the BirdEye app. This “Assisted By” feature allows you to keep track of which employee sent the review request to each individual customer you’ve contacted.
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