Paying More Than $575

Paying More Than $575
For Your PPC Management?

Increase Your ROI With Us

Flat PPC Management Fee $575 / MO

We work with appliance repair companies large and small. We don’t qualify companies based on how much money they can spend. We work with:

  • Single technicians looking to grow.
  • Small teams who like the “sweet spot.”
  • Small teams who want to grow.
  • Large companies with more complicated needs.

Your ROI Increases, Not Ours

Most marketing agencies charge a management fee that is calculated on a percentage of how much you can spend. This means that as you spend more on your digital ads you pay more for their management services. We find that this pricing method results in managers who are eager to blow your budget regardless of your needs.

Our flat priced management fee allows you to set a monthly budget that provides a steady flow of leads throughout the entire month. Need more work? We let you increase your spend without being penalized by hiked management fees. With our pricing, you will increase your ROI as you spend more. Our goal is to help you stay busy, grow, and become profitable.

 We have saved appliance repair businesses thousands on management fees


We Know Appliance Repair!

From answering phones and booking calls to inventory management and technician routing, we have real world experience in the appliance repair profession.

That’s why we are 100% confident that we can deliver better appliance repair leads than any of our competitors. We know your business inside and out.

Try Our Services 100% Risk-Free.
No Contract Required.

  • $100 Free AdWords Spend Per City
  • 1st Month Management Fee Waived
  • Free ROI Analysis and Marketing Plan
  • No Contract Ever
  • Call Tracking for Proven Results
  • Management Fee Won’t Increase with Spend