In the majority of cases, Google automatically filters out an invalid click before the click hits your account. As a result, you won’t see the invalid click activity in your “Clicks” column or posted as click activity to your transaction history (if Google finds invalid clicks after the click has posted to your account, you will find the credit in your transaction history).

Use your invalid click data as a metric for monitoring trends in your account performance. Invalid Clicks can happen for any number of reasons, such as automated robots and suspicious activity (like your competitors trying to exhaust your daily budget). Google is very good at catching these errors, so in most cases there isn’t anything to worry about.

How to See Invalid Clicks in Google AdWords

1. Sign in to your AdWords Account.

2. Click on the Campaigns tab, and then click on the Columns menu. Select Customize columns from the dropdown.

 Add Invalid Clicks

Note: A new window will popup.

3. Click on the Performance menu item.

4. Select the Add link to add the invalid clicks metric to the columns.

 How to insert Invalid Clicks

5. Invalid clicks will now appear at the bottom of the right column. Drag and drop the invalid clicks box to reorder the columns. You want invalid clicks to be located next to the Clicks (it will make it easier to see).


6. Scroll down and select apply. You’re Done!