If you run a business with a call center or customer service team, you likely have multiple employees interacting with your clients throughout the day. When responses to customer issues are spread across several employees or departments, consistency and accuracy of the message can be a great concern. Creating a canned response template in Gmail is a great way to help you make your business’ most common email messages consistent across your organization. Not only will the subject matter be consistent, but any outbound links and formatting will remain intact.

Streamlining Your Email Correspondence in Gmail is Easy

Step 1: Activate the “Canned Response” feature.

Click Settings gear located in the upper right corner of your Gmail account, and select the Settings option from the drop down menu.

1. From the Settings area, click the Labs tab.
2. If you cannot find Canned Responses, type the word “canned” in the search field.
3. When the Canned Response Lab appears, click the Enable button.
4. Click the Save Changes button. Now you’ve activated the Canned Responses feature.

Google Labs

Step 2: Create the Template

Compose a new message to save as the template. Once the message is complete, select the More Options menu (the arrow in the lower right corner of the Compose window). From the pop-up menu, select Canned responses, and then choose New canned response….

insert canned template in gmail
A dialog box will appear asking you to name your message.

use gmail for canned response
Select OK. Now, your message is saved for future use. If you do not need to send the message at this time, close the Compose window.

Step 3: Use the Template

When you’re ready to send the canned message, open a new Compose window. From the More Options (arrow) menu, select Canned responses then choose your custom template; the message will automatically populate in the Compose window. Templates do not save addresses or subject lines, so prior to sending, ensure that the To and Subject lines are filled appropriately.
insert template in gmail

NOTE: If you wish to save changes to the template, click Save from the Canned responses menu. Otherwise, changes will only be reflected in this single message.