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All new clients go through a 2-step onboarding process to ensure that we’re a good match.

Step 1: Fill-out our Discovery Form (below). We use the information provided in this form to ensure your company qualifies for our marketing program.

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Important Information About Exclusivity & Client Agreements.
We offer service area exclusivity to our Program clients. This means that we will not work with your competitors. A verbal or written conversation regarding our services does not hold exclusivity in your market. We often have “conversations” with several companies that serve the same market. We will hold exclusivity for you for 3-days after we confirm your interest in our Program. You have 3-days to complete the intake forms. After you complete the Intake forms,  we guarantee exclusivity in your marketOur services are billed on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel our service at anytime with 30-days notice. Cancellation of our service voids your exclusive rights to the service area.

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